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Many members will not have been on a  date for several years. We appreciate that people can be apprehensive. We will support you before and after. We are always happy to hear feedback and if you don’t feel that things went well to make suggestions as to how you might do things differently the next time.

Here are some suggestions and tips on dating and dating etiquette to make things easier for you:

Choose a mutually convenient venue

And, if possible one known to you. If you are meeting in a crowded venue it is usually best to arrange to  meet outside.

Keep the first meeting fairly short

Usually a drink/ coffee is better than a meal. If things go well then you can arrange a meal or another activity for next time. If meals are involved you should expect to share the cost.

Show an interest in the other person

And remember that they will be nervous too.

Be positive

Don’t talk too much (or ideally at all) about previous failed relationships.

Also, don’t rule out somebody just because their interests are different from yours. Often these differences can broaden your outlook.

Have fun

Don’t expect to fall in love on the first date. Treat the dating process as an opportunity to make new friends and widen your social circle. If you click then that’s great but don’t be too disappointed if the illusive chemistry isn’t there.

 Be sensible

Whilst we have vetted all our members it is still sensible (especially for the ladies) to make sure that someone you trust knows where you are. Always meet in a public place on the first occasion and it is not wise to invite anybody back to your home on a first date (or to go to theirs if invited).  Misunderstandings can easily arise.

Keep in touch with us

If there is anything you want to discuss with us before or after a date just pick up the phone and we will do our very best to help you with any issues you may have.

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