At Caroline Crowther’s dating agency we are often asked how long it will take – we have hundreds of members – with some people the first person they meet is the right one, with others it takes longer. A first meeting can be daunting, but here are some suggestions and tips on dating and dating etiquette to make things easier for you:

Choose a mutually convenient venue for your date and, if possible, one known to you. If a pub is the only possibility, meet outside, often a crowded bar can be off-putting for meeting people in.

Initial meetings should be short and, if meals are involved, you should share the cost.

Show an interest in the person you are meeting on your date. This is not an opportunity to criticise former partners. Should you not wish to meet the person again, courteously wish them well for the future. Many clients meet at least twice because it can take time to properly judge suitability.

Have fun. This is a marvellous way to meet new friends, increase your social circle, and meet someone special.

Safety. Remember, all our clients have been personally interviewed and you are quite safe meeting them in a neutral place, but it makes sense not to ask them back to your home on a first date.

Finally if there’s anything you want to discuss with us, just pick up the phone and we will do our very best to help you with any issues you may have whether it maybe tips on dating or dating etiquette.

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