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Why choose us?

Three words – We are different

Different from the internet

When you join an internet dating site all you get for your membership fee is the ability to access their technology.  After that you are on your own. You will see literally hundreds of profiles. Many of them will no longer be active members, and will not respond to messages.  Others will have profile photographs that are out of date. They may claim to be younger than they are. Of course you may meet a suitable match on line but it will probably take a long time and you may have to meet twenty, thirty or more people which is very time consuming. We have met all our members. We have verified their identify, addresses and marital status. Any photograph We use in their profile will be recent and a true likeness. We will match you with people who we think are compatible.  With us, you may only meet a handful of people before you find a partner. If you are really lucky, you might only meet one. In a world where time is precious this is a real benefit.  We are members to a professional body (the ABIA) which requires us to meet high standards and there is a complaints procedure in the unlikely event that we fall short.

Different from other agencies

We have been established for more than 20 years.  Many of our members have joined as a result of recommendation from someone that we have already matched successfully. Elaine Reynolds who owns Caroline Crowther is passionate about helping people to find their perfect partner.  She is approachable, down to earth and easy to talk to.  She is very much “hands on” and is easy to contact by telephone or e mail to give advice and reassurance during what might otherwise be a daunting process.

Elaine has so many success stories to tell.  She takes great personal satisfaction from helping people to meet their perfect partner.

Different because we deliver

We take the time to understand our members and to introduce them to people with similar backgrounds, outlooks and lifestyles.  Almost every week we hear from members that matches we have arranged for them have been successful.  Later on we often receive wedding photos!

Different because we offer the best value for money

Many agencies charge large, upfront membership fees and some then provide a mediocre service. With us you pay a modest fee to cover the initial interview (credited against your membership fee if you decide to join).  Our membership fee is lower than most agencies and it covers the interview, creation of your profile and the first month’s service. You then make a monthly payment for as long as you remain active. If you want to take a break you can stop the payments and come back in future if you wish.  We have a range of membership options the cost of which vary in line with the service level that you require. We will help you to choose the one that works best for you.

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