The ‘Apprentice’ – and dating!

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The ‘Apprentice’ – and dating!

Anyone who watched this week’s episode of “The Apprentice” and who has tried to meet someone through an agency, will have been amused at the candidates’ (mostly in their 20’s) bungling attempts to set up an online dating website.

One of the groups decided to target the ‘50 plus’ group. After interviewing a small collection of more mature people the group concluded that people of that age would find it very difficult to meet potential partners The promotional film that they made was cringeworthy in the extreme with frail, elderly looking people and all the women wearing lilac.

We have people of all ages on our books. Many of our members are well over 50. They do not feel frail and elderly. Most of them lead busy and active lives. Activities include running marathons, sailing and adventure holidays. We are frequently amazed at how young many of our over 50 members look.

In general people who are over 50 are solvent, settled, know what they want from life and the qualities that they seek in a partner. They have learned important lessons from their past experiences. One gent we have on our books is almost 80, and is still very lively and fit. Another lady who joined us this week, late 60’s has three holidays a year, attends the gym and regularly does Pilates. The most encouraging remark that was made on the programme was when one rather more enlightened person said that 50 is the new 30. How true that is.

However, the feedback we get from our over 50’s members is often that they do not feel comfortable with the online dating concept or that they have tried it and quickly been disillusioned not because they can’t operate a computer but due to the number of timewasters and misleading profiles.

The over 50’s are busy enjoying life. They do not have time to trawl through hundreds of profiles or waste time meeting people with whom they have little or nothing in common. They want to be introduced to people with whom they have a good chance of hitting it off.

When we match two people we will have met them both. Over the 20 years that we have been in business we have developed an instinct for putting together people who get on. Our track record speaks for itself. .

Contact us today to arrange a meeting. It might well change your life!


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