Spring Weddings

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Spring Weddings

I recently was asked do an  editorial  for a wedding feature in a magazine.  On saying that, do single people look at wedding articles and why would they be interested? Perhaps hopefully for the future… when that special days arrives.  I thought that I would write a survival guide of what to do it you are on your own. 

I suppose if you are a man on your own, you could always look at the gorgeous bridesmaids and offer to have a dance with the ugly one so everyone thinks what a nice chap you are and if you are a single lady, lets hope that the best men scrub up well and stay sober long enough to be gentlemen!

So here is what you could do it you find yourself being invited and how to enjoy yourself being the guest smiling through the service and enjoying being on your own!

DO show up. You weren’t invited with a date but you’re on the list — which means you matter. Don’t ditch the affair because you didn’t get a plus-one. Just go.

DON’T get sloppy. You know your tolerance. Don’t be “that drunk guest.”

DO be a tourist. Stuck at a wedding alone in the middle of nowhere? Then explore the middle of nowhere. Treat a wedding weekend like a mini-vacation by visiting one tourist attraction during your stay. You should feel like you got something out of the trip, so go explore.

DON’T be cheap. Don’t split a hotel room with wedding guests you don’t know just to save money. It’s worth the extra cash to have a safe and comfortable night of sleep. No need to share a bed with a bunch of broke bridesmaids (think this applies to the ladies really!)  Treat yourself.

DO look sharp. You’re dateless–but you’re not invisible. Put on some makeup or buy a new shirt for that suit! Dress like a champ. People are taking pictures that will be framed and shared on Facebook. And you never know who you might meet at your table.

DON’T hide. Don’t sit in the back row during the service. Don’t lurk in shadows away from the dance floor during the reception. Make sure your presence is known.

DO find a project. If you find yourself uncomfortable and fidgeting at a wedding, give yourself a task. Take extra pictures for the bride. Hang with the DJ and help choose some good dance music. Use that nervous energy for good.

DON’T be a downer. Don’t spend the night talking about your single-ness. Don’t tell your tablemates why you don’t have a companion by your side. No one needs to know.

DO help yourself. Enjoy the food. Even if you’re at the worst wedding in the world and all by yourself, the cake is probably good. Have seconds (well not always a good idea as you could look greedy!)

DON’T forget the point. No matter how difficult it is to be at a wedding alone, remember why you’re there. It’s not about you. You’re there to celebrate someone else’s love and to witness their momentous occasion. You’ll get your turn later.

And if nothing else happens and you don’t manage to have a cosy dance with one of the ushers or bridesmaids, then think about contacting Caroline Crowther on 01934 744788 or look on our website. 


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