Spring is really in the air!

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Spring is really in the air!

This month in May  two couples who met through us have contacted us to say that they have become engaged. We are delighted that we introduced them to each other and wish them many years of joy and happiness together. Both couples have told us that they are happier than they could ever have imagined when they first contacted us.

G and P contacted us to tell us this

We just wanted you to know how happy we are, we have had the most wonderful year together, since you introduced us last May. We are very much in love, meeting each other has  been life-changing and we got engaged in New Zealand in February.

A and P  after meeting them recently again as a couple, said to me   

Lovely to see you, fate works it’s way. Yes we are both very happy and surprised. 

We hear all the time from people who want to thank us for helping them to find a companion, soul mate husband or wife. In March we heard of three couples whose ages ranged from  late 40’s up to 70’s. They are all delighted with our service and have spoken about our encouragement and caring approach.

One couple who met through us and married 7 years ago have just sent us a photograph of their young child .’ A’ went onto say that he tells everyone how he and L met and would recommend any single person to sign up with us.