Professional interesting gent in his 50’s

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Professional interesting gent in his 50’s

C is in his late 50’s, young looking, attractive and well presented, 5’11” tall with brown slightly greying hair and hazel eyes.  He is a professional and lives in Gloucestershire.

Articulate and intelligent, C is easy to talk with and very engaging. He appears quietly confident, warm friendly and interesting. Although he seems conventional, C says he has an alternative streak and can adapt to most social situations.  Amusing and intellectual, C has a dry sense of humour.

C has a wide range of interests and is always open to new ideas. He prefers wide open spaces and loves countryside, mountains and the coast rather than life in towns/cities.  He has a simple outlook to life, but is also interested in history, politics and philosophy. He also appreciates the arts, literature and classical music. C would like to travel more – particularly Eastern Europe and Italy. C has recently acquired a new puppy after being without a dog for 6 years.

C was privately and university educated. He is single, a non-smoker and although not a fitness fanatic, has always tried to keep in good shape.

C’s ideal partner would be:  a non-smoker, age late 40’s to mid 50’s, young looking, intelligent, slim and warm, with emotional depth, kindness, self-awareness and the ability to hold her own in most company.

Travel distance: close to Cotswolds location.


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