is in his late 40’s, well presented, and fit with an athletic build.  He is 6’1” tall with brown greying  hair and blue eyes and lives in Hampshire.  He is self employed.

Sociable, and friendly, R is an intelligent man with a  generous open mind who is easy to talk to and engage with.   He is kind, caring and is fairly confident and outgoing.  He says he likes to help people and is very thoughtful.

R has a variety of interests and enjoys finding out more from media and reading  and the world around.  He is interested in current affairs, enjoys crosswords, comedy and  walking his dog.  R enjoys culture and art, and music and classical music and listen to Classic FM and on occasion Radio 3.  He adds that he would like to attend some concerts and live performances although it is not so much fun on his own! He has traveled and would like to find more time to travel more. R likes to eat out in country pubs and admits to being a ‘basic’ cook! R is divorced without children.  He is educated to post graduate level.

S is in his early 60’s, 6’ tall, well presented with silver coloured hair and blue eyes.  He is in middle management and lives in Somerset.

Easy going and optimistic, S is a confident man having worked with people throughout his life,  His management skills enables him to be adaptable and forthcoming and he is a good communicator.  Slightly reserved until he gets to know someone well, he has good loyal friends with whom he is close to. 

S enjoys walking and gardening and likes being outdoors appreciating the countryside and outdoors..  He socialises and says he is a good cook and appreciative of good food.  S He is well travelled and has visited the Far East, Mexico and Europe and possibly everywhere in the UK



V is a very positive, intelligent interesting person, with a zest for life.  She loves to laugh and have fun, open to new things and ideas. She is youthful in appearance and attitude and is warm and kind. Valerie is confident, sociable, and enjoys meeting new people. She is an active lady, and very much ‘a doer’.


V has a lovely interesting home and has made it very welcoming with her own creative eye for renovation and design. She enjoys travelling and speaks Italian (still having lessons) and French (  a bit rusty) V is planning to have an extended trip to Italy to immerse herself in the local culture. V likes walking her dog, playing a round of golf, swimming and has recently taken up Bridge.  She likes the cinema and is an avid reader (a wide genre). 



M is in her early 60’s,  an attractive lady , 5’5” tall with fair hair and green eyes.  She lives in Devon.

Warm, affectionate, M is a natural person with an outgoing and sociable personality. She has a great sense of fun, is good-humoured and loves a degree of spontaneity in her life.  M describes herself as tactile and affectionate and now feels ready to meet a new partner for a committed future relationship. 

M has lived in overseas for many years and is well travelled. She enjoys entertaining, cooking and walks, swims and gardens.  She likes to read, enjoys listening to music, generally appreciates the Arts and visits the theatre and cinema when possible. She is family orientated and has children who live in Paris and London.

M was privately educated and to degree level. She is divorced.  She has worked hard throughout her life in various positions and has a teaching qualification.