We have recently had a client return to us and wishing to reinstate her membership with Caroline Crowther. This can  happen with a relationship that  may have failed or not worked out as it should have done!  It is sad but we encourage anyone to have another go and see if there is anyone with us who may be compatible. Our membership is life long!

This client did say it was over 10 years ago that she was with us and eventually  found a man to share her life with.  Interestingly though, it was before the days of the internet and the quick and fast technology world we live in today. It did take some time to meet this man, jut over a year and  she had several dates before  she met  him.  What she went on to say is, that it is not a quick fix which appears to be the way with many people now.  With internet dating, so many people do think it can happen overnight!

What we encourage clients to do is to talk on the telephone and try to get an idea if they could be compatible.  The computer screen or a text is so impersonal and we hear all the time how people on these sites can just spend time e mailing or messages without any suggestion of meeting up!