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Introduction Agency -v- Online dating sites

Many of our members join after a disappointing experience with internet dating.

Dating online is certainly an inexpensive option but there are many pitfalls.

It is quick, easy and cheap to sign up so, unsurprisingly, many people do so. That is why a quick search will show a large number of members in your area.

However, this makes it very difficult to find the sort of person you’re looking for.

Most internet-based dating agencies do not undertake any form of ID-check or validation of the details people provide, so you have no way of knowing  that the person that you are exchanging messages with or arranging to meet is the person they say they are. Photographs may be many years old.

In a survey many internet daters actually admitted to lying in their profile which is hardly a good way to begin a new relationship.

Many people on these sites are already in a relationship and are just looking for no strings fun and playing the field (hoping that their partner will not find out). Anyone who gets involved with such a person could find that they are dragged into a very unpleasant and embarrassing situation.

Internet dating agencies usually have more men than women registered. This may seem like good news for the ladies but they are often then  inundated with approaches from men, the vast majority of whom will be unsuitable. Some will merely be looking for “no strings” fun and will send messages that are entirely inappropriate or behave improperly when you meet.

If you divulge personal information such as your phone number you run the risk of being pestered. These days with the popularity of social networking sites even giving out your name can leave you open to an invasion of privacy. Imagine the embarrassment of being harassed at your place of work by someone that you have met online. This can happen to men as well as women.

Of course, the majority of those who register online are decent and sincere people who are genuinely seeking a partner but finding them is a process of trial and error and many people give up in despair.


In contrast all our members are looking for a serious relationship. We know that because we have interviewed them. We know how and when they became single.

We have made sure that they are emotionally ready to enter into a new relationship. If we think that they are not we will not take them on.

We always ask for proof of identification  so anyone you meet will be accountable for their behaviour.

We prepare the profiles for our clients and make certain that the photographs show a genuine likeness, are up to date and are of an appropriate kind.

We will send you profiles of people who fit the criteria that you have given us and you will fit their criteria so there is a good chance that you will enjoy meeting and want to see each other again. If the chemistry isn’t there then we’ll match you with someone else.  We will do the hard work and leave it to  you to enjoy the experience of meeting new people without having to worry about whether someone is who they say they are and whether they are seriously looking for a partner or just playing the field.

After the first meeting we encourage feedback from both parties and pass it on. This is an important part of the process. No matter how things have gone it always helps to talk. We like to hear and perhaps advise.

After they have found a partner and ceased to be active on our books many members keep in touch as their relationship progresses.

Many of them send us postcards and holiday snaps. We have had quite a few wedding photos too. These take pride of place on our office noticeboard.We love to hear how the relationship has progressed and blossomed!

If you have had a bad experience online please don’t give up. there is a better way.

Please phone or e-mail us to discuss the membership options.




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