Busy February

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Busy February

We have had a busy month in February with people approaching  us to become members and on a couple of occasions too this month, clients returning to us after their relationship had ended  after a decade who had found someone with us all those years ago. This is sad and quite often, not chosen by either party but we are always happy to help anyone try to find someone again.  Its not just a matter of a ‘replacement’ in their lives but to regain the confidence to move onward and meet like minded people. It is encouraging that previous members feel they can contact us again!

It  is not always easy to get out to talk to people, and certainly finding yourself alone although not necessarily lonely is tough!  It does not get easier either as we get older. We all can have busy lives, wrap ourselves in family life and if retired and not openly outgoing, not being in a work place can be difficult.

We try to encourage prospective clients to meet people with an open mind – it may not be love at first sight but certainly it is good to have an easy conversation and a good cup of coffee….

We have recently  had some lovely couples going off our books after meeting someone special! We are always delighted with the news to hear that it has worked for them to meet someone and their gratitude for us helping them along in their journey.



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