Successful businessman   looking to find someone attractive with that  special something about them! Our client is in his mid 50’s, young looking and attractive and based in the South West but very open about travel.

Cheerful, fun loving and youthful in his outlook, our client  appears friendly, open, and very easy to engage with. He is an optimistic person, sociable, kind and caring.  He enjoys a good balance of work and home life having a close relationship with his two children.

He  loves the outdoors and anything involved in being outside. He loves walking and hiking, mountains, oceans and has skied and sails.  For fitness, he also attends the gym.  Our client  is a creative man, interested in culture, the arts, music and concert.  He enjoys his home and surroundings and loves architecture and design.  He appreciates good food and eating out and admits to not being a very good cook!   He enjoys social gatherings preferring intimate dinners with friends to large occasions.

Our client really enjoys travel and has visited many countries, but does not simply enjoy lying on a beach, preferring more active holidays including experiencing the local culture and food of the country he is visiting. He  hopes to travel more, but would infinitely prefer to do this with someone special.

He grew up and spent much of his early working life in London and returned to the South West in the early 90’s.  He is postgraduate educated .  He is a non-smoker and divorced with a teenage children.