LAST TANGO IN HALIFAX or Bath or Worcestershire?
Anyone who is watching ‘Last Tango in Halifax’ will love this programme about two mature people who have found love after being widowed and years apart. They met in their teens and had their own lives, family etc and have just rekindled their love for each other. Let’s hope it has a happy ending……

This week we have heard from two clients in their 60’s – both gentlemen who were widowed (one sadly twice). When I met them in the Springtime in person and chatted to them, they were lovely men who had great families and friends, their own interests but were lonely. There was a void in their lives and after long happy marriages it is courageous to try to find it again.

One gent (M who lives near Bath) has told us it is going so well with one of our ladies and asked to suspend his membership and the other client (J in Worcestershire) announced he has just married the lady he has been seeing since May time. She was his second client to meet up with and he said they both knew they would find happiness together.

Lovely stories…. we all all want a happy ending!


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