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Happy client

Lovely words from a happy client received today

Can't thank you enough once again Elaine, for introducing me to this lovely man.  We agree our paths would never have not crossed without your help.  You are a very special lady !  

Happy couple

I have just met up with a lovely couple who are both widowed and found happiness together.  They both are enjoying spending time planning holidays and getting to know each others' friends and family.  They realise it is early days and plan to be independent living in their own homes but enjoying the special times together . They thanked me for helping them find happiness and a future together! March 2019

Fabulous way to start 2019

We have just heard from someone who is very happy and said these words Thank you for helping us to find each other. Also for your help and encouragement during this 'dating process'.  You are so good at what you do and we have a huge amount of respect for the manner in which you care for your clients.  

This is wonderful!

We have received news from one of our gentleman who has thanked us for finding happiness and love after being on his own for so long.  This gave him the confidence of getting out meeting someone and starting to live again.  

Delighted Lady!

We have just heard from our lady  who is delighted with the man she has just met, thanking us and asking us to cancel her membership.  She went on to say that their lifestyles appear to fit together perfectly!

Miss G, Dorset

I just had to let you know I was very impressed with the way in which the interview was carried out. Elaine really was great and made me feel very comfortable. Many of the questions she asked were very thought provoking!! She was very professional but friendly.

BG, Oxford

A pat on the back for you and your staff. We are both enjoying life more than we had done for years

Mr D, Warwickshire

I’m pleased to inform you that I have a new lady in my life. Thank you for the excellent service provided.


I have met up with Frank and we get on very well In fact we have so much in common ; I am very very taken by him and I love his company

Caroline & Geoff

We are very happy, having both been widowed and so lucky to have the rest of lives ahead of u

P & J

Just to let you know that J and I are getting along really well and are very happy – I have virtually moved in! I have told anyone who asks that we met through your agency so I hope you get some custom from our happiness.

We have just received a photograph of a couple who married at the end of last year and wanted to share it with us! J said

Every day we say how lucky we are to have met, you provide a chance for many people to find a happy future. Thank you so much.

A and P after meeting them recently again as a couple, said to me

Lovely to see you, fate works it’s way. Yes we are both very happy and surprised.

G and P contacted us to tell us this

We just wanted you to know how happy we are, we have had the most wonderful year together, since you introduced us last May. We are very much in love, meeting each other has  been life-changing and we got engaged in New Zealand in February.