Special offer this Autumn throughout the South West

//Special offer this Autumn throughout the South West

Special offer this Autumn throughout the South West

Are you thinking of meeting someone and disappointed with the internet? Continued dates and not meeting the right sort of person with a similar background or lifestyle?  Constant meetings with people who do  not look anything remotely similar to that on the website or just would not fit into your lifestyle and background?

Call our office on 0800 180 4788 for an informal chat to see how we can help you and who we have to match you with?  We are offering a special membership fee this Autumn and it could be that we are  just what you are looking for in being introduced to that special person?

Our membership is affordable and realistic and compared to the internet, we do know our clients  and meet the majority of them face to face. This is an important part of the process of finding that compatible person for you.   Background information is important too, finding out about our client’s health and financial status is just as relevant. We like to hear some of your life story leading to how you  have arrived in being single giving  us the information to help  find that special someone in your life.


Call us today , what have you got to lose?



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