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Telephone interview

This is an important part of the Executive service, can be arranged immediately and is relaxed and efficient. We ask you to provide a copy of your driving licence or passport for security purposes, plus a good current photograph.

Permanent membership

This is an affordable way to take advantage of our personal matching service. Provided the monthly service fee is maintained your membership remains active and there is no limit to the number of introductions you can receive.

Flexible membership

You may suspend your active membership by notifying us in writing. You then stop paying the monthly service fee. To re-activate your membership simply recommence the monthly payments and the introduction process resumes.

Ongoing support

As a Executive member of Caroline Crowther you are welcome to telephone our offices to discuss any aspects of your introductions. We are available for telephone consultations between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday. An answerphone service operates outside these hours and we will return your call at a time convenient to you.

Proceed to our enquiry form, no money is required at this stage, and you are under no obligation.