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New man in Devon

M is a tall, well presented and a good looking chap who is just in his early 50’s.  He is interesting but has been busy working in his own business and had little time for [...]

Two lovely new gents …

We have two new gents in their 60’s +, both back ground professionals and looking for that special person in their lives. […]

Professional interesting gent in his 50’s

C is in his late 50’s, young looking, attractive and well presented, 5’11” tall with brown slightly greying hair and hazel eyes.  He is a professional and lives in Gloucestershire. […]

Confident and engaging female

S is in her late 30’s, 5’5” tall, attractive with blonde highlighted hair and brown eyes. She is a professional living in Bristol.

Elegant and spontaneous female

C is 5’6” tall, 60+, a feminine, slender and attractive woman with sparkling hazel eyes and fair hair. C is elegant and beautifully dressed and a pleasure to meet.

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