New love this Year?

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New love this Year?

It’s the  New Year and  we start 2018 with many of us deciding to change our lives to improve and  make it better, especially if we  are on our own and want to make something happen! We all make those New Year resolutions,  promises of cutting down the alcohol, trying to diet, get a little fitter!  What about considering making a resolution to find that someone special and change your dating experiences for the better? After all, what’s more exciting? A gym membership (boring) or loads of hot dates? We know which one we would choose!

January is a typically busy time for us with new clients making enquiries and joining us.  We can arrange to meet you and to have an informal chat, and if you feel you are not yet ready to take the plunge to start dating, we are happy to keep your notes and details until that time when you are.

It could be that you look at our profiles and not sure whether you feel that there is the ‘right sort of person’ out there for you.  We can encourage you to get out and meet new people, it could lead to a friendship or companion who is like minded?  Perhaps just say yes to people you wouldn’t usually consider dating – don’t overlook someone who may not do the same things as you too.  You never know, it could result in an opposite attraction!

Our new clients this month include

  • S in her mid 60’s, attractive and lively, loves dance and living in Wiltshire
  • C in his late 50’s, professional and just taken up new interests to get him out and about, living in Somerset.
  • K in her late 50’s, attractive and widowed, friendly, living in northern Wiltshire and looking for Mr Right!
  • A in his mid 60’s, well presented and attractive man, looking for someone in the South Devon area
  • A in his early 60’s, tall, widowed living in Bath location, educated and cultured!
  • L is her mid 40’s, professional , living in Somerset and interested in nature and the countryside.







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