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Lovely gent in the Dorset/Hants area

Our client  is widowed and he is a youthful 68 year old. He is energetic, fun to be around, honest, romantic, compassionate and caring. His default mode is happy, positive and easy going.

He enjoys walking in the countryside, beaches and clifftops as well as dressing up for fabulous events both here and around the world. Winter sunshine is important to our client. His ideal partner would be able to enjoy an extended holiday abroad during the winter and possibly own a property somewhere warm if he and his partner both wanted to. He  appreciates good food and wine, ccultural events  and the finer things in life.

Our client  is looking for

A reasonably elegant, glamorous partner, in her sixties, who is financially independent and who has retired. He would like her to be easy going, fun to be with, happy, genuine, have a positive attitude and a good sense of humour. A romantic and close emotional relationship would also suit him. A feisty or argumentative person would not be suitable.

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