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Personal Consultation

If you are interested in joining as a Principal or Ambassador Member we will meet with you to find out more about you, explain how we work and obtain the information that we will need to compile your profile. The meeting will normally last 1-2 hours. We will agree a fee with you for this meeting (dependent on how far we have to travel to meet you). If you join then the interview fee is included as part of your membership,

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We have been doing this almost twenty years now
and feel we are an expert organisation who know how this works!

We enjoy personally matching you

We offer an initial informal consultation which we hope is an enjoyable experience. This enables us to understand who you are, and the sort of person you may be seeking. Everything we discuss is confidential, and this can take place either at our introduction agency, in your home or any other suitable venue. The meeting also gives us the opportunity to check identification, for your own security and for that of our other members

Member Benefits

Members personally suited to you

When you contact us we will recommend the membership best suited to your requirements and explain our fee structure to you. When you become a member we will draw up your personal profile which we then use to introduce you to other like-minded people. We continue to send you carefully selected potential partners based on the criteria you have given us until you find your perfect match.

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