The ‘Apprentice’ – and dating!

Anyone who watched this week’s episode of “The Apprentice” and who has tried to meet someone through an agency, will have been amused at the candidates’ (mostly in their 20’s) bungling attempts to set up an online dating website. One of the groups decided to target the ‘50 plus’ group. After interviewing a small collection of more mature people the group concluded that people of that age would find it very difficult to meet potential partners The promotional film that they made was cringeworthy in the extreme with frail, elderly looking people and all the women wearing lilac. We have people of all ages on our books. Many of our members are well over 50. They do not feel frail and elderly. Most of them lead busy and active lives. Activities include running marathons, sailing and adventure holidays. We are frequently amazed at how young many of our over 50 members look.


Summer madness

We have had a couple of months with some lovely success stories with people who have met their ideal partner and now cancelled their membership. One couple in their 60's have decided that they were made for each other and blissfully happy and we have had news of another couple who met several years ago [...]


Another happy couple

We have just successfully matched another couple who have found happiness together. The gentleman has said this to us”I have now met J five times and we have become a definite item. We are truly made for each other and it must be one of the best matches that Caroline Crowther has ever arranged. [...]


Spring fever?

We have had some couples who have been delighted with meeting their new partner through us. One couple were engaged over the Christmas period and another have just married. I write this on Valentine’s Day when it is lovely if you have someone to share this special day with, but lonely and miserable if you [...]



It’s that time again when we look to the New Year and think whether we can be on our own or prepared to start the year alone. It’s that time too when we want to begin the year on a positive note and hopefully want to change that part of our life! […]



M and J met in August 2010, and are planning to marry next summer (2013). M contacted me with the news and said that despite the fact that they have lots of common interests their paths would not have crossed because they lived about 30 miles apart and their social and work circles just did [...]


LAST TANGO IN HALIFAX or Bath or Worcestershire? Anyone who is watching ‘Last Tango in Halifax’ will love this programme about two mature people who have found love after being widowed and years apart. They met in their teens and had their own lives, family etc and have just rekindled their love for each other. [...]


Do we cover your area?

We are often asked about the geographical areas that we cover. We are based in the South West England and we cover the whole of the South West as well as Central and Southern England and South Wales. We will also take on Clients from the South East provided that they are prepared to travel. […]


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