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Member Profiles

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Just some of our examples of our new clients this Summer…..

S  living in Dorset, attractive blonde lady, professional in her 60's but young at heart and lively... G in her early 50's, close to Bath, wanting someone without children preferably..... B in his early 70's,  North Devon, lively and cheerful, intelligent and retired professional..... P mid 40's, well presented man,  living in Gloucester, divorced, educated with 2 [...]

New gents with us this Spring/Summer

T is in just 60 years old, with blue eyes and dark  balding hair.  He is retired from the IT business and lives in Bath. Well-spoken and confident. T is positive and sociable.  Smiley and cheerful, he is more chatty on a one to one, but does not enjoy being the centre of attention of [...]

New clients for the Summer

We have had several new clients joining us at the beginning of the Summer . New ladies with us E is just 50 years of age, 5’9”   tall, slim and attractive with short  blonde hair and blue eyes.  She lives in Bristol. Cheerful and positive, Emma is an instantly likeable person who appears [...]

New clients for the Spring!

R is in his late 40’s, well presented, and fit with an athletic build.  He is 6’1” tall with brown greying  hair and blue eyes and lives in Hampshire.  He is self employed. Sociable, and friendly, R is an intelligent man with a  generous open mind who is easy to talk to and engage with.   He [...]

Businessman in his 50’s

Successful businessman   looking to find someone attractive with that  special something about them! Our client is in his mid 50's, young looking and attractive and based in the South West but very open about travel. Cheerful, fun loving and youthful in his outlook, our client  appears friendly, open, and very easy to engage with. He [...]

December’s new clients!

I is in his mid 40's, a professional running a small farm based in East Devon. Attractive and tall, he is very easy to engage with and appears warm and welcoming. He is a confident man but could perhaps appear quieter who is practical and hard working.

New Clients with us

A is in his late 50’s, well presented and 5’10” tall with light brown hair and blue eyes. He is self-employed with his own business and lives in Dorset.

New ladies with us!

S is in her mid 50’s, 5’7” tall, attractive and slim with dark high-lighted hair and brown eyes.  She is a professional living in North Somerset.  S is a positive and outgoing  lady who is  always ready to laugh and is very engaging. Fairly down to earth, She says that she tends to go with her [...]

New gents with us

New gents who have just joined us this month in July. Age ranging from mid 40's to mid 60's. Contact us if you are interested in any of these gents!

Lady in Devon

L is 55+ , 5’4” tall, attractive blue eyes and dark hair. She lives in S Devon Exeter and is a professional.