Things to Do After Divorce

Finally, you’ve achieved your legal divorce. Perhaps the next thing that you want to do is to sit back and relax. However, almost every mediator and divorce lawyer do not inform clients what to do after divorce to finalize the details practically.  

For those who don’t know, you and your ex-partner have to complete a lot of the practical tasks yourselves.  

Hiring a Milwaukee divorce attorney helps a lot during the divorce process. However, once the divorce is complete, there are several things you have to do on your own. Here are some of them: 

Life Insurance 

Call your life insurance policy provider to update your beneficiaries, insurance levels, and marital status. A couple of these changes might be specified by your divorce agreement. Also, the life insurance company of your ex-partner might be required to inform you if they change a policy in which you’re the trustee or beneficiary. You have to send a letter requesting this to the insurance company if you want this to happen. You should include a copy of your divorce judgment.  

Car Insurance and Title 

Did your transfer the car ownership after the divorce? If the answer is yes, you’ve got to call the Motor Vehicle Department in your state to verify the right steps to transfer the title. Then, call your car insurance company to update your policy.  

Real Estate Title 

You’ll have to transfer the title if either of you is transferring or purchasing your real estate interest to the other. You can do this through the Recorder office of your county. It will need the individual releasing interest in the property to sign a quitclaim deed or bargain and sale deed. You can get these forms via legal publishing companies or paralegals. If one of you are refinancing the property alone, you can prevent these steps. On this occasion, the title will be re-assigned via the title company.  

Satisfactions of Money Judgments 

Divorce money away judgments can involve settlement payments for debts, business interests, investments, or property. Also, you might have spousal support or child support orders. For those who do not know, you’re entitled to have your ex-partner sign a satisfaction of judgment after you’ve made the last payment. You need to go to court to file this judgment satisfaction form. If you do this, you’ll inform possible lenders that you’ve satisfied your accountability for each of the money judgments.  

Get Certified Copies of Your Divorce Judgment 

Buy several additional copies of your divorce judgment. Make sure they’re certified from the county courthouse where you have filed the divorce. The reason for this is that particular companies might need you to offer a certified copy. This will enable them to authorize the changes after divorce. For instance, you might require this to make name changes on your social security card or passport.  

Update Your Will 

After divorce, you should update your will. You can ask your estate planning lawyer what to do after a divorce if you have one. This will guarantee you can protect your estate.